Legal Aid Agency launch Civil / Family Tender for 2024 Contracts

Wayne Williams LLB MBA 14-09-2023

The Legal Aid Agency yesterday published the criteria for tendering for the new contracts that come into force on the 1st September 2024.

The deadline for submission of the tender is the 17th October 2023.  Firms therefore have only just over a month to prepare and submit their tenders.

Tendering is through the usual LAA tendering portal on Bravo Solutions.

Firms therefore should register on Bravo Solutions and start by expressing an interest in tendering for the relevant category of law.

As always, the family tenders will be based on procurement areas and requires that a firm has an office in each of the relevant procurement areas which complies with the “permanent presence” requirements of the LAA Contract.

As a preliminary step, the firm should check that they have the relevant number of qualified category supervisors; that the panel membership (if required) of those supervisors is up to date and that they can satisfy the 1:4 ratio requirement of supervisors to fee earners.

To find out more about the current tender, please see the link below: