The Role & Responsibilities of the COFA and complying with the SRA Accounts Rules

The COFA is responsible for all financial type matters within a firm of solicitors.

Primarily, this is ensuring compliance with the SRA Accountants Rules and complying with the reporting obligations.  It is therefore important that the COFA is aware of what is going on with all things financial and can clearly evidence the required compliance if required to do so.

If you are a COFA, can you?


Course Objectives:

  • An overview of the SRA Accounts Rules
  • Does a shorter version of the rules mean a simplified version?
  • The role and obligations of the COFA
  • Practical examples of the COFA’s responsibilities
  • What the Reporting Accounts is looking for?
  • What you need to do in your firms.
  • What are the SRA looking at?


Who should attend?

  • COFA
  • Deputy COFA
  • Directors / Partners
  • Accounts Managers
  • Senior Accounts Staff
  • Legal Cashiers

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