Social Media for small legal firms

Digital development is in full swing, we now live in a world where instead of looking through the Yellow Pages book, you can Google search the nearest place to order a sandwich. With that in mind, is a social media account important for your firm’s brand?

Well, consider the economic times we live in; to remain static and not grow a firm is almost the same as closing it. And if your firm doesn’t have any sort of digital footprint, then your competitors who do will be growing their client base.

So why wouldn’t you want to reach a larger audience, just by simply raising your brand awareness online?

This course will outline why social media is vital for small businesses to survive and thrive.

What will the course cover? 
  • Advantages of your firm having a social media presence
  • Appropriate content
  • Analytics of your social media platforms
  • Introduction to different social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • The Law Society’s view on social media
  • Social Media Policy for your firm
Who should attend? 
  • Marketing Managers
  • Director / Partner who is responsible for business plan/business development
  • Any members of a firm looking authorized to engage in social media on behalf of the firm

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