People Management and Appraisals (PDRs)

Even the most experienced lawyers who are used to managing clients, struggle when trying to manage staff.

One of the most important exercises that is very often done badly in legal firms is staff appraisals.

There is often a lack of time, skills and inclination to do the job properly.


Appraisals are better described as Performance and Development Reviews (PDRs).

Staff retention and motivation has become a critical exercise for many practices and a properly deployed PDR process can engage and enthuse staff to deliver the objectives set out in the firm’s business plan. It also helps to ensure that they develop the skills, knowledge and behaviors (competences) to deliver an excellent quality service to the firm’s clients.

Personal SWOT

On our strategy pages we have emphasised the importance of the SWOT analysis. The SWOT is equally important in conducting an effective PDR.

CPM 21 can help you design an effective deployment process that feeds into your PDR’s.

cpm21 Conducting Appraisals

CPM21 can also conduct the PDR’s of partners directors or other staff that are key to the profitable growth of your business.


We can train you and your supervisors and managers to conduct effective PDRs

Appraisals are a requirement of quality standards such as LEXCEL and SQM. You have to do them so why not make them an effective business tool rather than just ticking the box.