SWOT Analysis

One of the most under-used tools for developing a business strategy is the SWOT.

It is one of the simplest and most effective ways of understanding and testing the business objectives.

A SWOT can only be used in a specific context as, what may be a positive strength in one context will be a definite weakness in another.

For example “we have a number of very experienced conveyancers” would be a real strength if you were applying for CQS Accreditation.  However, it may be a weakness if you are trying to develop a Crime Department.

As illustrated in the image above, it is important to understand that strengths and weaknesses are internal and opportunities and threats are external.  This understanding helps avoid confusion, for example, between weaknesses and threats.

CPM21 can assist your firm to develop a robust business strategy using the SWOT and other management tools available to us.

We have consultants who are very experienced at helping firms develop strategies for up to 5 – 10 years ahead.

We can facilitate a constructive conversation between your Owners, Partners, and Directors.  Some of these conversations can be difficult and confronting brutal facts is more easily achieved with the help of an external facilitator.