Legal Aid Agency Tendering

We have assisted a number of firms to successfully tender for Crime and Family Legal Aid Contracts.

We were heavily involved in helping Crime firms develop Delivery Plans for themselves and their Delivery Partners when the LAA made that a condition of that particular and ultimately withdrawn tender.

We help firms understand the terms of the tender as set out in the Information for Applicants through to assisting with completion of the ITT and PQQ. We help firms navigate the LAA’s tendering and messaging portal

Once the firm has received confirmation of a successful tender, we help them prepare for the Verification Stage of the tender.

During major tenders we experience heavy demand for our services. We therefore limit the number of firms we assist to help ensure a quality service. We do this by giving priority to our existing client firms on a first-come first-served basis.

So, if you are needing help with an up-coming LAA tender, please contact us as early as possible to avoid disappointment.