Strategy Deployment

The Business Plan

Some firms may have in place a very well documented strategic business plan.

This document can often sit in a drawer gathering dust until the partners or directors decide to dust it down and review it. It is then often returned to the draw and does not see the light of day until the next review or annual audit.

There are tried and tested management tools and techniques which would enable your strategic business plan to become part of the development of your business.

CPM 21 can help you deploy your strategic business plan and operationalise it across your practice to all members of staff.

Making the Plan happen

This will include the development of an understanding of the following;-

  1. The key strategic issues facing your practice over the coming years having regard to the SRA Risk Outlook.
  1. The things that you need to be excellent at if you are to succeed as a business.
  1. The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you need to monitor as part of your management process.
  1. Creating a robust and pervasive management process.
  1. Helping ensure that everyone in the business contributes appropriately to its success.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and the business challenges you are facing and we will provide you with a costed plan to assist you to move your business forward successfully.

Cpm21 help with Implementation

So move today from just CREATING the Business Plan to IMPLEMENTING it and making your strategic vision a reality.