Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring the Leaders in your Business

 The key management roles performed by lawyers in a typical law firm are Managing Partner, Senior Partner, and Head of Department. Although these roles differ, there is a common theme running through them – they all involve leadership.

Those in management roles need to understand what is expected of them in their roles and be provided with the necessary management training and support to succeed. They must be effective managers, strategists and “rain makers.”  The success of their department and the firm, rests on their ability to lead, understanding of the firm, its vision and goals and being able to communicate, nurture and motivate their teams.

A successful law firm will need to create leaders at all levels of its management structure – at senior and junior leadership levels – those that will actively develop and cultivate their teams to drive the firm’s strategy forward.

How cpm21 can help

 By reviewing your existing management structure and leadership roles to ensure alignment with your firm’s vision and strategy and that everyone is rowing in the same direction to achieve your strategy.

  • By coaching and mentoring the Managing Partner. Quite often Managing Partners juggle the competing demands of client work, leading and managing the firm and bringing in the work. Getting the balance right is one of the biggest challenges Managing Partners will face.A number of cpm21 Consultants are former Managing Partners and Chief Executives who can draw on their personal experience and provide sound independent and objective advice to both new and established Managing Partners. It can be of enormous benefit to a Managing Partner struggling under the demands of the job to have the benefit of someone who has been there and “done it” to talk things over with.
  • By coaching and mentoring the Senior Partner – The Senior Partner role in a law firm involves much more than chairing the monthly partners’ meeting and should include an ambassadorial and pastoral element. Cpm21 can assist by explaining the nature of the Senior Partner role in the modern law firm, tailoring the role to fit the circumstances of your firm, and helping the Senior Partner perform the role.
  • By coaching and mentoring Heads of Department – It is crucially important for the success of any law firm to develop leaders at all levels within the firm. Quite often Heads of Department will be new to the management role. Cpm21 mentoring will help explain the Head of Department role and how to inspire and motivate teams and drive their department forward, growing the work and improving profitability as a result.

Coaching and mentoring sessions are delivered to suit the requirements of the firm, either on a one-to-one basis as part of an ongoing partner development programme or as part of an off-site “Away Day” partner/leadership conference.