LAA Contract Compliance

You have successfully tendered as a new entrant or for renewal of your existing CRIME or CIVIL (e.g. Family) contract.

Assuming you pass the verification stage, then you will still need to comply with the LAA’s Contract Specification for your Category of Law. You will also be subject to the LAA’s Contract Standard Terms and Category Specific Rules.

Firms sometimes think that as long as they pass their LEXCEL or SQM audit then they must be compliant with the requirements of the LAA Contract. This is not necessarily true.

For example, the LAA Contract Specification and Standard Terms contain specific requirements in relation to the following:

  • Office Hours
  • Premises
  • Waiting Facilities
  • Interview Rooms
  • Serviced and Shared Offices
  • Out of Hours
  • File Reviews
  • Supervision
  • Designation (Crime)

We can provide your firm with a regular Health Check audit and report to help ensure that you remain compliant with these and other contract requirements.

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