Business Development

As a law firm owner, you’ll rightly want to focus your time and effort on your clients. However, you’ll need to set time aside to market and develop your business and the need for a marketing plan which is regularly reviewed is crucial for the future success of your firm.

There are many benefits to a well thought through marketing plan
  • It will require you to formulate your thinking about your clients, your service offering and how you bring these together.
  • A good marketing plan will create a set of measurable goals and help you organize your time and priorities.
  • Deciding what your priorities are in advance will allow you to budget for the expenditure and spend your money more wisely focusing investment on what is likely to result in new instructions.
  • When communicated with your team it will allow everyone to be on the same page and be clear as to the marketing priorities for your business.

Once a plan is prepared and the objectives shared with your team, you’ll want your lawyers to implement the plan by growing their personal profiles and becoming ambassadors for your firm’s brand by networking with existing and prospective clients.

Some lawyers take to networking easier than others, but these are skills that can be learnt so that the least confident can over time become accomplished networkers building lasting business relationships for the benefit of your firm.

As your marketing develops and you drive new business into your firm, you need to ensure that client service and care levels are of the highest standard – awesome service, every client, every time should be the aim so that existing clients recommend your firm to family and friends, which costs nothing from your marketing budget.

A robust client satisfaction process is crucial to ensure that service levels are of the highest standard across all parts of your firm and that existing clients recommend your services to others.

Cpm21 consultants can help by:
  • Working with you to prepare a marketing plan which supports your firm’s strategy or help review and update an existing marketing plan.
  • Working with your lawyers to improve their networking skills and capability so your lawyers gain confidence in introducing themselves to others, understand how to use business cards effectively and maintain a relationship beyond the networking event.
  • Helping design a robust process for measuring client satisfaction so that you understand how happy your clients are with the service they have received from your firm and how likely they are to recommend it to others.