"The course is refreshingly practical and delivered very well. I felt it prepared me to face the challenge of the role of COLP in 2013," David Sangster Partner and Head of Compliance and Client Care - QualitySolicitors Redkite


In October 2011 the Solicitors Regulation Authority introduced Outcomes Focused Regulation, and with it some fundamental changes to the way Legal Practices will need to operate.




One of the biggest changes is the introduction of 2 new roles, the COLP and COFA. The COLP (Compliance Officer for Legal Practice) must be a solicitor and of sufficient authority to be able to effect the changes required in a firm and put governance and reporting procedures and systems in place, as under the new regulatory regime they will be expected to report “material breaches” to the SRA.

Course Objectives
•    Describe the role of the COLP against Outcomes Focused Regulation
•    Describe what is reportable under Outcomes Focused Regulation
•    Explain what systems and processes will be needed by the COLP
•    Show how to analyse reports and decide what may need to be reported to the SRA

Who is this Course For?
•    Any Solicitor who is going to be authorised as a COLP for their firm from January 2013
•    Any Partner/Director/Member or Sole Trader who wants to understand the role and requirements of the COLP
•    Any Practice Manager who wants to understand the role of the COLP
This unique course is designed for those who will become the COLP for their firm and will cover everything they need to know to ensure compliance in the new regime, and will cover topics as follows;

•    Overview of the Legal Services Act
•    The SRA Code of Conduct 2011
•    The 5 Sections of the Handbook
•    New Principles and Outcomes
•    Risk Principles for Strategic, Operational and Regulatory Risk
•    The roles of COLP and COFA
•    Practice Readiness assessmento    Define Risk

o    Quality standards, Policies & Procedures
o    Equality and Diversity
o    Improvement Systems for Risk
o    Control Systems for Risk
•    Risk Reporting Dashboard
•    Centralisation and resource utilisation

There is no other organisation offering this training as definitively as CPM21, so book today and ensure that you know what the role involves and what you will need to do in your firm.



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