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Cpm21 and the Lexcel Standard

 CPM21 and the Lexcel Standard

Cpm21 is recognised as being a leading provider of Lexcel accreditation support services, but even we are suprised at how many practices we've helped get accredited recently.

9 clients recommended for accreditation in the last seven weeks.

Of the 9 practices we supported, 6 of them took the full range of our services including our support during the audit process itself.

We are naturally pleased for all the clients concerned, but rather than us blow our own trumpet any more, we've listed some of the comments from the client survey sheets we provide to our clients at the conclusion of our support.

Consultant skills  

The following comments were listed under the following headings;

Report Writing

"Very clear, readable and not complicated."

"Always clear and easy to understand"


"Always at hand to help and guide."

"Very approachable and puts everyone at their ease. Advice always clear and easy to understand."

 Response time

"Always responds expeditiously."

"Within 30 minutes on numerous occasions, often immediate."


"A thorough working knowledge of the Lexcel requirements"

"The consultant has been invaluable in assisting the firm to be compliant with the Lexcel requirements."

 Delivery against estimated times

 "Very accurate."

"Responses/information and reports are always received within agreed timescales."

 Suggestions for service improvement


"We would use no other."

"Continue the good work"

 We have not excluded any adverse comments or results from this survey, there were none to report.

 So if your practice needs help getting the Lexcel accreditation, whatever the version you are working towards, give cpm21 a call, and we'll help you continue our trend of 100% successful accreditation.