Paul Jones

Team Profile

Paul Jones has over two decades of experience of working in the legal sector, supporting firms in England and Wales with a multitude of compliance issues, such as SRA Practice Standards audits, SRA Anti-Money Laundering Audits, Lexcel, CQS and SQM consultancy and Legal Aid Agency tender support to name a few. In recent years he has taken on the role of outsourced complaints handler for multiple legal firms.

Prior to this Paul was a senior manager for a global corporation with experience of drafting and implementing ISO9000 quality procedures, who then went on to become an international “troubleshooter” at some of their world-wide facilities. This experience led him to become a business improvement consultant for SME and Corporate clients.

In 2024, Paul had the biggest promotion of his life, where he became a ‘Nonno’- the Italian version of grandfather.

Fun Fact

Paul was a member of the Royal Observer Corps until it was disbanded in 1990 and held the rank of “Chief Observer,” which was roughly equivalent to the rank of Sergeant. The Royal Observer Corps was set up after the war and its duties were to monitor a nuclear attack, measure its effects, warn the public and keep them updated on such things as nuclear fallout direction etc. This was usually done from underground bunkers dotted around the UK countryside. It was a uniformed civilian organization made up of volunteers with a loose affiliation to the Royal Air Force.

The motto for the Royal Observer Corps was, “Forewarned is Forearmed.”

Ironically the Corps was disbanded in 1990 as Russia was no longer considered a threat by the UK and wider western world…