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LAA Verification Deadline - 20th July 2018

The time limit for the Civil & Family tender is fast approaching.

With the half-term school holidays over, it is important to send your verification to the LAA in advance of the deadline.  This must be done via Bravo Solutions.

You should make sure that all your Supervisor Declaration Forms have been fully completed and signed off by the COLP before uploading them.

If you are an existing SQM or LEXCEL firm then the certificate you upload must span the contract start date, namely 1st September 2018.  If your current certificate does not do that then you need to have your audit completed as a matter of urgency. There is always some delay between the audit and receipt of the certificate especially if the auditor raises some corrective actions.

If you are an incorporated body with limited liability then you also need to ensure that the appropriate indemnity forms have been signed by the partners, owners, members, or directors before upload.

Don’t fall at the final hurdle. Don’t leave verification until the last moment as the LAA may raise queries about what you submit and you will need time to deal with those queries.

As the tender IFA states:

“Final deadline for submitting Tender verification information Six weeks before the Contract Start Date i.e. 23:59 on Friday 20 July 2018”