The CPM21 Practice MoT has been a valued service to the legal profession for several years.

What is the Practice MoT?

The most comprehensive evaluation of a legal practice available to you today featuring an analysis of your firm’s practices, policies and procedures against the following;

  • Solicitors Regulation Authority Handbook 2011
  • Outcomes Focused Regulation, particularly;
    o   You and Your Client
    o   You and Your Business
    o   You and Your Regulator
    o   Compliance Officer for Legal Practice Infrastructure
  • Compliance Plans
  • Client Care and Terms & Conditions Letters
  • Complaints & Client Care
  • Website
  • Financial Health and Stability
  • Business Management, Supervision and Infrastructure
  • Health Safety and Physical Office Environment
  • Legal Aid Agency criteria
  • Lexcel criteria
  • File Management

The Practice MoT is a 2 day process undertaken by CPM21 consultants, at the end of which you will be given a report outlining what issues the practice needs to address, and a prioritised recommendation on which to work on first. And of course, if you want more support to “tune up,” the practice, it is always available.

So what are you waiting for? Get your practice MoT and start tuning up your practice today…

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