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Why we believe in the traditional approach to Training for the Professional Skills Course (PSC) ...

Some of our clients know we provide the Professional Skills Course (PSC) for trainee solicitors – the one that has to be completed before the trainee is able to qualify.

What they may not know is why we do it the way we do.

In person, with groups of trainees.

Because at cpm21, we genuinely believe that a sterile webinar can only deliver very basic learning outcomes. While they may be interactive, there is inevitably a delay between the viewer and the trainer catching up with each other for questions and answers.

And, as one “firm believer” in webinars said once – “there’s no travel costs, and they can do some work while they’re listening.” This wasn’t anyone important, only the Managing Partner in a firm…

Okay, so there’s no travel costs. We’ll agree with that.

But doing work while they’re listening?

Does anyone honestly think that a webinar viewer is going to absorb knowledge while they’ve got their noses into a file and are doing detailed work?

Which brings us to why we firmly believe in the traditional approach.

We use interactive simulations. The trainees get their hands on things and have to complete tasks that require problem solving and analytical thinking. It’s challenging for them, but it’s fun.

Learning and having fun at the same time – surely not, we hear you gasp?

Yes. Fun!

People remember more when they learn by doing and had an enjoyable experience.

As well as this, webinars depersonalise training, leaving it very much an individual experience.

Not with us. We think group learning experiences, where people learn with their peers in the same room and a safe environment produce far better results, and again in a way that will be memorable after the event.

So for us, until training can be delivered by holographic representations of the trainer and the trainee á la Star Wars, we will continue to deliver the fundamental platform course that is the PSC, in the good, old fashioned traditional approach that delivers the best results for our delegates and your trainees.

If you have a trainee who would benefit from an informative, interactive and fun PSC course, then you can book them on it here;