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Website or no Website...... the SRA is calling!

Firms that don't have a live website may think they are safe from the SRA surfers. Think again. We have seen a number of firms without a website being called by the SRA over recent weeks.

As everyone knows firms with websites need to comply with the SRA Transparency Rules as to price transparency in certain categories of law such as Residential Conveyancing, Employment, RTA Motoring Law etc. and display details of the staff who provide such services.

In addition, the website must display the SRA digital badge and show the firms complaints handling procedure.

We frequently find that firms do not fully comply with each and every element of the rules.

The rules can be found here:

FIrms that have a website should double check that they are 100% compliant and that the prices and staff shown are up-to-date. The SRA will know if a Solicitor has left your firm as the Practising Certificate renewal exercise has just taken place.

Firms that have not uploaded a website should also note carefully this section of the Rules

"An authorised body, or an individual practising in the circumstances set out in regulation 10.2(b)(i) to (vii) of the SRA Authorisation of Individuals Regulations, that does not have a website, must make the information set out in rules 1 to 2 available on request."

Do you have it available for when the SRA requests it by phone or maybe via a mystery shopper? If not then you need to act now!

Give us a call if you need help.