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The Crime Tender 2013 - Getting Ready!

Many Crime firms are hoping that this will simply go away.

Some forward-thinking firms have already started to prepare - just in case!

This demonstrates good risk management.

Cpm21 is working closely with a number of firms in the preparation of their "Delivery Plan".

This Legal Aid Agency Tender is like nothing that has gone before as it contains a "price" bid too.

Assuming, the firm or consortium can pass the PQQ with a sufficiently high score - (one questions whether qualified answers will be sufficient this time around given the wording of the consultation paper on scoring the PQQ and LAA shortlisting based on the "number of contracts required in each procurement area") - then the next hurdle is to satisfy the LAA that it can deliver a quality service across the CJS areas bid for.

If you are considering joint ventures, there needs to be early and robust due diligence and mutual open and honest disclosure based on the trailed PQQ requirements and also the financial stability of all firms/individuals involved as "key personnel". We have prepared a questionnaire for the firms that have engaged us, to assist with this exercise.

The delivery plan requires the collection of a significant amount of data both internally and externally.

The MOJ response to the consultation is not due until the autumn of 2013. With the intervening summer holiday season, we fear that firms will be left with very little time to prepare the detailed delivery plan that will be required to reach the shortlist. If you do not reach the shortlist then no matter how high or low your bid is, you will not succeed in obtaining a contract.

Firms should, in our view start preparing now, by drafting this critical delivery plan. Not only will you have to demonstrate that you will have the resource capacity to deliver across the CJS area but will also have to demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the LAA, that the plan is financially viable and the business sustainable. The plan will need to include a financial plan showing how you intend to finance any expansion or robustly manage the financial implications of running the service

This sort of plan is not something that can be put together at the last minute. If having a Crime contract is important to your business, start to draft the plan now. Talking about it to other firms is not sufficient. If you need help with drafting a delivery plan or are considering joint ventures, you may want to contact us for help sooner rather than later. For a free no-obligation quote, or to arrange an initial visit, call Wayne Williams now on 07970 994180 or email him at