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Swansea and District Law Society Dinner

The Swansea and District Law Society Dinner on November the 11th, 2011

The Swansea and District Law Society dinner, held at the Brangywn Hall in Swansea, was attended by 350 guests from practices and chambers across the Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot areas. The event featured a raffle with the proceeds donated to the Gleision Miners Appeal fund, and a significant amount was collected for this cause.

The first speaker was Gareth Madge, Senior Lawyer for South Wales Police and ex-partner in the firm of T R Harris Arnold and Co based in Gorseinon. He gave an informative speech regarding his previous time working in the 106 year old established practice, and an account of how legal services had evolved within the Police Force in his time there.

The second speaker was Nigel Packer, current President of the Swansea and District Law Society, and Senior Partner at T R Harris Arnold and Co. Nigel's speech was both amusing and entertaining, but was also a rallying call to the profession with a very positive message to younger entrants to the profession in particular. His message was simple. In these times of uncertainty, with the opening of the Legal Profession to non-lawyers, skills and experience would carry the day. There could be no substitute for the training only lawyers gain, something he felt any non-lawyer dabblers in the market would discover for themselves.

The third speaker was Kevin Johns MBE, popular Actor, Radio Presenter and Charity activist. Kevin's talk was amusing and focused on the diversity of the people of the UK and no matter their differences how they could rally together with one voice on key issues. He also couldn't resist mentioning the fact that this year's dinner was also being held in the only Welsh City with a Premier League Football Club...

In all, this event was well organised and well attended. At a time of general economic gloom, it was also motivationally uplifting, and CPM21 would like to commend Nigel Packer as President and all those involved in the organisation of the Dinner on a job well done.