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Revised 2017 Crime Contract IFA etc. issued by the LAA on 1st August 2016


In my article of 23rd July, I pointed out that there were a number of errors and inconsistencies in the LAA’s 2017 Crime Contract Tender.

On 1st August the LAA published a revised IFA and tender which removes some of these errors.

Crime firms should note that even the Post Code Tool has been amended as has the DIF.

If you have started to complete the tender on bravo solutions, you should scrap what you have done or downloaded and start again with the amended documents. If you do not, then you risk failing to obtain a contract.

As to the IFA (V2.0) you should pay particular attention to the amended wording of the Expansion Risk Assessment triggers in section 5.4 on page 13. You should consider the number of Duty Solicitors you intend to have in place by 1st April 2017 compared to the number you have currently. You then need to crunch the numbers to see if one of the 3 triggers apply. Work it through with actual numbers, otherwise it is easy to get lost in the calculation wording. Please note the wording very carefully e.g. “50% or more” rather than “more than 50%”.

The LAA also issued, on 1st August, an amended version of the Crime Supervisor Declaration Form. So you should ensure that your proposed Supervisors are completing the current form.

Further details, including the LAA amendment notice, can be found on the following link

Wayne Williams LLB MBA