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Press One if you're worried about compliance, press Two if you're worried about being struck off

The LexisNexis Bellwether Report 2016: The Riddle of Perception, is a very good read. It explores the current and future legal landscape, and the perceptions of lawyers about themselves. In the Report, law firms rank "continuing demands of compliance regulations" as number 1 of their top 10 challenges/ threats to their currents business.

On the 10th June, Josh Morris reporter from Today's Conveyancer, wrote that the number of solicitors appearing before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal had risen, with 140 applicants in 2015. His report contained a quote from Timothy Smith, Solicitor Tribunal Member: "Sitting in Tribunal common themes emerge. There are some who are simply unsuited to be solicitors due to moral defects. There are some who have exemplary records but then for reasons that they themselves cannot account for have completely breached their professional responsibilities. There is then a further, and perhaps a more common, category of solicitors who are competent lawyers but do not have the rounded set of skills to run a business. Frequently small problems escalate."

Regulatory compliance for solicitors seems at best to be a constant, nagging concern which interferes with the enjoyment of being a good lawyer, or at worst a slippery slope, the road to Hell paved with good intentions.

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