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By Ian Hopkins

Tips to Successfully Manage Conflict within a Law Firm

Law firms are people businesses, so it is inevitable that conflict will arise from time to time.

In this article cpm21 Senior Associate Consultant Ian Hopkins examines some of the causes of conflict within law firms, why its important to deal with the conflict when it arises and provides tips for law firm leaders on how to resolve the conflict.

By Paul Jones

Bracing for a hike in Professional Indemnity Insurance

The Law Society Gazette recently published an article that warned firms to brace themselves for an October PII hike which can be read here;

PII is a recurring problem for many firms, where premiums only ever go up.

So what can firms do to bring them down?

By Paul Jones

Working from home - Considerations for Legal Firms

The 21st Century...we have the internet, wifi, broadband, mobile phones, and all the ingredients to make working from home easier than it has ever been before.

With office space at a premium, difficulty in attracting people who want to work traditional hours, and legislation for flexible working, more and more legal firms are allowing their personnel to work from home.

By Paul Jones

Flexible Working

Although it has been in place since June 2014, there are still lots of legal firms, and indeed businesses in general, that are not aware that employees now have the right to ask for "flexible working" under the Employment Rights Act 1996

By Barry Davies - Practice Director - Douglas Jones Mercer

The Silly Season - Law Firm Professional Indemnity Renewal


The Silly Season: Law firm Professional Indemnity Renewal

Since the abolition of the single renewal date for law firms in England & Wales, for many it remains the silly season, largely due to the number of renewal proposals sent blindly to law firms in the hope that they will be completed and returned. There will however be added focus for this year's renewal due to recent events, and the dust is yet to settle.

By Andrew Bound

The 2015 Duty Provider Contract - Is your firm considering a formal agreement with other firms to tender for the 2015 Duty Provider Contract?

The Legal Aid Agency has set out a timescale for the start of the new crime contracts. These will commence on 1st July 2015.

A number of firms will be looking to adopt a collaborative approach when tendering for a Duty Provider Contract. The LAA has said it will accept tender submissions from one lead provider firm which will have a number of other firms providing services to it. However, for the tender process, the LAA require that there is a "formal agreement" in place between the firms concerned.


By Paul Jones

Marketing For Solicitors Firms - It's Rocket Science isn't it?

Marketing for Solicitors Firms - It's Rocket Science, isn't it?

Whenever we talk to our solicitor firm clients about their marketing efforts, usually as part of a Business Planning Strategy, there is normally some fundamental information that they don't have; New Matter Starts and Source of Work.


By Paul Jones

Setting Objectives & Performance Appraisal

Setting Objectives & Performance Appraisal

With a new Financial Year starting in April, many legal firms are preparing their annual business plans and budgets now, to give themselves some time to work on the main objectives needed to deliver the business plan.

But writing the objectives doesn't achieve the plan; it is people that achieve objectives and ultimately deliver a business plan.


By Andy Clarke

Money Laundering Update

The Money Laundering (Amendment) Regulations 2012

The Regulations, which came into effect on 1st October 2012, were introduced to strengthen the anti-money laundering regime whilst reducing the regulatory burden on British businesses.

By Paul Jones

Client Care Letter Pitfalls

We are often asked why we place so much emphasis on Client Care and Terms of Business letters by our clients. Our answer is usually the same - it's not us who puts the emphasis on them, but rather the Law Society, Solicitors Regulation Authority, Legal Services Commission and Legal Ombudsman. This article helps illustrate why.

By Paul Jones

Six Sigma For Legal Practices

Six Sigma For Legal Practices

With the Legal Services market facing unprecendented competition later this year, this artice talks about a technique called Six Sigma that can help practices compete by improving their performance to unprecedented levels.

By Paul Jones

October 2011 Deadline Looms

October 2011 is when the Legal Services Market is thrown open to all comers as non solicitors will be allowed to buy legal firms or provide legal services. Is your practiced prepared for this, and if not, what are you going to do about it?

By Paul Jones

The Domino Effect

What happens if you get the early stages of the client engagement - the client care letters, wrong?

By Paul Jones

Checking a Solicitors' Disciplinary Record

Did you know the SRA have a free service on their website which allows solicitors or members of the public to search for regulatory decisions made against a solicitor, and decisions they have taken to prosecute an individual at the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal?

By Paul Jones

The Danger of Precedent Letters

Lots of practices use commercially purchased Precedent letters. But are there hidden risks involved in doing this? Read this article to find out the pitfalls that can occur with these letters