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By Wayne Williams

The Legal Aid Agency launch it's 2021 Crime Tender

Back in June 2021 I wrote an article setting out the history and pitfalls of LAA Tenders. On 16th June the LAA had published the schedule for its Crime Tender confirming that the new Crime Contract would commence on 1st October 2022.

Well yesterday, the LAA published its IFA v1, firing the starting pistol for the tender. The start date for the contract is confirmed as 1st October 2022.

By Wayne Williams

Legal Aid Agency Financial Relief for Legal Aid Firms

On the 27th March 2020, the Legal Aid Agency issued a number of options to help with cash flow.

Given that the LAA state that they will take a flexible approach in relation to the above matters and in relation to some technically defective claims (rejects), we would recommend that firms take advantage of this offer as early as possible with a view to mitigating potential cash flow problems in a few months’ time.

By Wayne Williams

LAA Verification Deadline - 20th July 2018

The time limit for the Civil & Family tender is fast approaching.

With the half-term school holidays over, it is important to send your verification to the LAA in advance of the deadline.  This must be done via Bravo Solutions.

By Wayne Williams

Family and Civil Legal Aid Tenders announced for 2017

Family and Civil Legal Aid Tenders announced for 2017 !

The LAA is on the brink of finalising the implementation of the 2017 Crime Contract.

It has therefore turned its attention to the Civil Legal Aid Contracts in the following categories:

1.    Family

2.    Family Mediation

3.    Housing, Debt and Welfare Benefits

4.    Immigration & Asylum

5.    Actions against the Police etc. (to be known now as “Claims against Public Authorities”

6.    Community Care

7.    Mental Health

8.    Public Law

By Wayne Williams

Crime Contract 2017 - the new LAA tender!

Well it must be summer, the schools are out, Parliament is in recess and yes, the LAA has on, 21st July 2016, published its long awaited Crime Tender.

It is hopefully less controversial than the last one but still has traps for the unwary. The LAA will once again use the much-loved bravo solutions portal. The tender contains the usual “adverse inferences” clause (para 9.13) that where there is any conflict between your answers then the conflict will be resolved by accepting the answer that is least favourable to you! There is a very limited and narrow right of appeal in relation to Section C of “Organisation ITT” only. This section relates to the discretionary grounds for exclusion e.g. where Key Personnel are subject to an IVA. 

By Wayne Williams

Use of APSRs - Time Limit

If you use Police Station Accredited Reps and want to get paid by the LAA for the work they do for you ..time is running out.......



By Hannah Menard

Potential Pitfalls in SQM Audits

Firms applying for a contract as part of the forthcoming Crime Tender will either need to be LEXCEL accredited or they will need to hold the Legal Aid Agency's Specialist Quality Mark (SQM) by the contract start date in February 2015. The service itself is expected to commence on 1st July 2015.

By Wayne Williams

Crime Tender - Timetable Published



Crime Tender - LAA have published the tendering timetable

Those who suggested that this might all go away, sadly, have been proven to be wrong.

The LAA today published its timetable for the Crime tender for contracts to start on 1st July 2015.

Existing 2010 crime contracts will be extended until 30 June 2015. 

The "Own Client Contract" tender will open when the criteria for this stage are published on 25th April 2014.

This first stage of the tender will close at 12 noon on 23rd May 2014.

Firms should put these dates in their key-dates diary and treat them like Limitation Dates.


By Wayne Williams

Crime Tender 2014 - Final Proposals


Crime Tender 2014 - The MOJ's final proposal have been published today!

The MOJ have today published their final proposals for "Transforming Legal Aid" in England and Wales...



By Wayne Williams

Duty Solicitor Deadline

DEADLINE - Duty solicitor rota: CRM12 deadline for 14 January 2014 Rota

Don't miss this deadline. With Crime firms focused on the 2014 Crime Tender it would be easy for them to miss this critical time limit. 

By Hannah Menard

New LAA KPI - Reducing Rejection Rates

Legal Aid practitioners should by now be familiar with the six Key Performance Indicators ("KPIs") that form part of the 2013 Civil Contract Specification.

One of those KPIs relates to rejection rates for Licensed work. Paragraph 2.64 of the Contract confirms that the number of rejections of applications for funding and claims for payment must not exceed 5% of all claims submitted during that contract schedule.


By Wayne Williams

Price Competitive Tendering (P.C.T.) is dead so what next?

Price Competitive Tendering (P.C.T.) is dead – so what next?

Partners in Criminal firms can sleep a little easier tonight!  The value of the goodwill in their businesses has in a measure been restored.

There will be a crime tender in early 2014 and 4-year contracts let in the spring of 2015 to successful bidders. However, client choice has been restored and the “P” from PCT removed.


By Wayne Williams

Crime Consultation Launched today 9 April 2013 to 4th June 2013

Crime - Consultation Launched today - 9 April 2013 to 4th June 2013 - not quite Carter YET - but heading that way!
Crime doesn't pay is a cliché, and one that wasn't designed for those solicitors or barristers who support the Criminal justice process, but rather those who commit crime. Nevertheless, criminals are shortly not the only ones not to be rewarded for their efforts...