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Conveyancing Quality Scheme - What about Lexcel?

 Conveyancing Quality Scheme - What About Lexcel?

There are still some residential conveyancing practices about which are not aware of the new Law Society Conveyancing Quality Scheme. This is a Quality scheme developed by the Law Society and approved by the Council of Mortgage Lenders.

The general consensus following quotes in the Gazette by the head of the Council of Mortgage Lenders is that firms who do not sign up to this scheme will eventually not be able to provide Residential Conveyancing services to the public.

The scheme has specific criteria a firm must meet that do not only apply to residential conveyancing, but to the wider practice as well.

So what about Lexcel? Isn't that a Law Society Quality scheme as well?

Yes it is, and it applies to the wider practice and all its policies and procedures. It seems the Law Society are using the CQS to promote to homebuyers in particular the benefits of using a qualified solicitor rather than other types of conveyancing providers. This is in line with its aim to help promote solicitors generally to help them have a competitive edge once the legal services market is open to non solicitor organisations in October 2011.

If a firm already has Lexcel, then joining the Conveyancing Quality Scheme just becomes a natural progression, as the application asks Lexcel specific questions regarding Risk, Supervision and the like.

The Law Society is planning a public relations campaign for the spring, where it will promote the Conveyancing Quality Scheme to homebuyers. Firms who want to benefit from this campaign should submit completed Conveyancing Quality Scheme applications by February 28th 2011.

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