FREE - 2 hours CPD seminar!

Tuesday 12th November 2013 - from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm at The Parc Hotel, Park Place, Cardiff.

How can your firm survive in the new world of Criminal Law practice?
How will you absorb the 17.5% reduction in fees?
How will you absorb the loss of potentially lucrative new cases that often come in via the Duty Provider Scheme at the Police Station, if you don't apply for or win a new Duty Provider Contract?
The MOJ and LAA strategy remains one of "Consolidation" i.e. a lot less firms doing higher volumes of Criminal work. The likely radical scale of the cull has been well rehearsed in recent articles in the legal press.
We have designed this unique course to help you cope with the most significant change to criminal legal aid practice in our lifetime.
The reduction in fees will affect all types of work including Own Client work. How should you manage this with the SRA actively monitoring legal aid firms for financial stability?
If you win a Duty Provider contract, how will you manage delivery across the whole procurement area with less fees but additional staff and travel cost?
What should a Delivery Plan contain? How will you demonstrate that you can run a financially viable and sustainable operation?

Who should attend? - Essential Course for:
• Partners of small criminal firms/departments or sole practitioners
• Partners of larger criminal firms thinking of competitively tendering for Duty Provider Work
• Firms thinking about incorporation or setting up a new firm such as "Criminal Defence Services Wales Ltd" or similar for the tender
• Firms considering joint ventures, mergers or acquisitions
• Firms thinking of sheltering their firm as an agent under the umbrella of a successful bidder
• Partners who are considering retiring before the next stage of the cull in 4 years' time

What will the course cover?
• How to prepare to tender for "Own Client" work only
• How to prepare to competitively tender for "Duty Provider Work"?
• The importance of the "Delivery Plan"!
• The potentially fatal traps of the tender and of joint ventures
• How to reduce the impact of the 17.5% phased reduction in fees
• How to offset the planned losses with some tax saving gains
• What you need to do to restructure your firm in time for the tender and the most beneficial way to do it

Wayne Williams is a former senior manager and auditor at the Legal Services Commission (LAA). He is a Law Society approved Legal Aid Consultant. He has extensive experience of helping firms prepare for Legal Aid tenders. He will provide insights and guidance on how to prepare for the tender and what you should be doing now. He will also outline the key elements required in a delivery plan.

Huw Palin is a Chartered Accountant with the leading accountancy firm BPU. Huw will help you understand how a restructuring of your
firm can help you save significant amounts of money. BPU has assisted firms to achieve one off tax savings of over £100,000 through incorporation of their practice, in addition to the opportunities for ongoing tax savings that a Limited Company offers. He will cover the following scenarios in his presentation:

The incorporation of the small criminal firm wishing
to remain small and do Own Solicitor Work only

Corporate structure options for the small to medium size firm wishing to merge or restructure its practice.

Andrew Bound of Berry Smith is an experienced corporate lawyer. He specialises in acquisitions, mergers and business structures.
Andrew has assisted a number of well-known legal practices restructure their businesses that has involved advising upon the formation and operation of an ABS.
Andrew will guide delegates through the legal and practical considerations of the various restructuring and merger options open to them to enable them to tender.
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