New 2013 Standard Contract Terms on Data Security

Is your firm compliant with the new “Data Security” and “Personal Data” Handling Requirements? 


Don’t lose your contract! Be ready for future tenders!

Clause 16 now requires you to implement robust Data Security systems and specifies how you must handle “Personal Data”.  Clause 16.9 includes a requirement that you MUST:

Comply with the Data Security Requirements

Comply with the LAA’s Data Security Guidance

What will the course cover?

The definition of “Personal Data”

The new Data Security Requirements

Minimum requirements for your  Data Protection Policy and who can access Legal Aid Files

The “secure” storage of physical and electronic files, as now defined

How you must “Protect” “Personal Data

Security, Encryption, Back-up & Recovery, Deletion

Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

How to carry out the required LAA Risk Assessment 

System audit and control – what you must now do

Who is the course for?

Any organisation with a 2013 LAA Civil/Family Contract

Any firm considering tendering for the new Crime Contract

LAA Quality Representatives

Practice Managers/Managing Partners

Course Tutors

This course will be run by cpm21 in conjunction with leading IT provider, Certus IT.

The main tutors will be:

Wayne Williams is a former senior manager and auditor of the Legal Services Commission. 

He has extensive experience of helping firms in England and Wales comply with LSC SQM and Contract requirements.

Nigel Griffiths LLB (Hons) ACA, Commercial Director of Certus IT.

Download the course brochure.