Solicitors firms are facing unprecedented competition. 

To survive and thrive - there is a need to maintain existing work and bring in new clients.
This course will tell you How.

Who should attend?

• Any firm that wants to compete in the new Legal Services world of ABS etc.
• Anyone involved in the marketing of a solicitor's firm
• Fee earners who would like to get more work in
• Managers responsible for marketing and growing the firm
• Partners, Members, Directors who want to develop new areas of work.

What will the course cover?
• What is marketing? - is it all about advertising?
• What is selling? - do I need to do that as a professional service provider?
• Creating a meaningful and effective marketing plan
• Product, Price, Place and Promotion (the 4 Ps) - should I compete on price?
• BRAND - how important it is and how can you use it to your advantage?
• How to differentiate your service from your competitors
• Core Competencies and Competitive advantage - why is my firm different?
• Online- marketing and the use of Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In etc.

Course Tutor




Wayne Williams MBA
Wayne holds a Master's Degree - which included an extensive marketing element.
He has practical experience of growing a business including a solicitors practice.


What to know more or book?
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