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Concerned about your LSC SQM or other LSC visit.

Course objectives - to bring you right up to date with following:-

  • The new SQM 2009
  • Equality and Diversity - the new requirements
  • The Supplier Dashboard and the  risks to your contract
  • CM visits aka Financial  Stewardship
  • Contract Compliance and Evidence of Means
  • Peer Review
  • Contract Notices
  • LSC Tendering Issues
  • The new outsourced audit

Types of audit being conducted by LSC

  • Legal Help and Nil Assessment of claims
  • Level 1 and Level 2
  • The 2 hour rule – where are we now?
  • Payments on Account and Work in Progress Checks
  • Appealing CCA results
  • The New SQM
  • Case Splitting and Duplicate Claims

Who is this course for?
Any Family/Housing Law firm that ticked the SQM audit box on the 2011 tender.

Wayne Williams Course Tutor

Wayne Williams

Course Tutor

Former LSC manager and auditor

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