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By Paul Jones

From November 25th - will firms be ready for the Brave New World of the SRA 2019 Standards and Regulations?

With just over a month to go, we wonder whether solicitors firms are ready for the “Brave New World” of the SRA 2019 Standards and Regulations that will apply from the date above.

The summary on the SRA website says “Our shorter, simpler Standards and Regulations focus on high professional standards and protecting the public. They also put more trust in your professional judgment and give you more choices over how and where you work.”

By Paul Jones

STARS in their eyes......

STARS in their eyes...

 We are just about three months away from the introduction of the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s “Standards and Regulations” (already being referred to as “STARS”) - the replacement for the SRA 2011 Code of Conduct, or Outcomes Focused Regulation (OFR).

So what do we know about STARS so far?

By Sian Frampton

Don't get mugged - SRA announce that they are to target hundreds of firms in new anti-money laundering assault

In our article last March, we noted that the SRA had been visiting a number of firms to review compliance with the new 2017 Regulations. At that point 6 firms had been referred into the SRA disciplinary process. This March, the SRA have announced that they plan to write to an initial 400 firms asking them to demonstrate compliance with the government’s 2017 regulations.

By Paul Jones

The SRA Equality & Diversity Survey 2019

The SRA have announced the commencement of the biennial Equality & Diversity exercise which will commence in June 2019. In case any of you are super-keen to submit your firm’s data before that, then you will need to rein your enthusiasm in because they’re not ready for it yet.

By Paul Jones

All Change for 2019…it’s the new CQS Core Practice Management Standards….

Yes, that’s right. Slightly over a year since we predicted they would be updated, the new CQS Core Practice Management Standards (referred to as CPMS for the rest of this article) have been released, and will be implemented from the 1st of May 2019 for all existing CQS member firms, and for any new entrant CQS firms.

So what’s new?

By Paul Jones

Publishing your fees - 36 days past the deadline!

That’s right, we’re in 2019 and already 36 days past the deadline of the 6th of December 2018 for SRA regulated legal firms to publish their fee information on their websites (or in alternative format easily available if they don’t have a website). As well as this, firms must also publish their complaints procedure and how and when clients should complain to the SRA or the Legal Ombudsman. And of course the new Digital Badge has to be displayed as well…