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By Paul Jones

They think it's all over.....

Okay, this article is nothing to do with football or the World Cup, apart from nicking the phrase, as it probably is appropriate for the content. If the title brought a slight smile to your face, then the next word after this sentence will remove it.

By Wayne Williams

LAA Verification Deadline - 20th July 2018

The time limit for the Civil & Family tender is fast approaching.

With the half-term school holidays over, it is important to send your verification to the LAA in advance of the deadline.  This must be done via Bravo Solutions.

By Paul Jones

Lexcel V6 to V6.1 - Start Preparing

If you are the Lexcel Senior Responsible Officer (SRO) then you may have had an email recently from the Lexcel office informing you about a “review” of the Lexcel Standard. As this is a review rather than a change, the Law Society will simply change how they refer to the standard from Lexcel V6 to Lexcel V6.1. If you’ve been accredited for 5 years plus, you may remember something similar when Lexcel V4 changed to V4.1. Basically, this is necessary to bring the standard up to date with the latest legislation, in this case the following;

By Paul Jones

Are you ready to publish your firm's complaints data?

Are you ready to publish your firm’s complaints data?

There did seem to be a news article nearly every other week at the tail end of 2017 announcing that Solicitors will be forced to publish their complaints data on their websites. Such articles came from “consumer interest” groups and others such as the Solicitors Regulation Authority publishing research on the subject of complaints.

By Paul Jones

What to look out for as at the end of January 2018

What to look out for as at the end of January 2018…


We’re sure that Christmas has already been consigned to a distant corner of the memory for our solicitor clients, as January has seen a large amount of small, time consuming jobs crop up from different sources.  So, we thought we’d take a minute to concentrate on one or two of them that firms should be aware of and acting upon right now…

By Paul Jones

Why we believe in the traditional approach to Training for the Professional Skills Course (PSC) ...

Why we believe in the traditional approach to Training for the Professional Skills Course (PSC)…

Some of our clients know we provide the Professional Skills Course (PSC) for trainee solicitors – the one that has to be completed before the trainee is able to qualify.

What they may not know is why we do it the way we do.

In person, with groups of trainees.

By Paul Jones

2018 - CQS Audits to Return?

2018 – CQS Audits to Return?

CQS Accredited firms may know by now that the Law Society had a complaint about their CQS scheme marketing upheld against them by the Advertising Standards Agency in 2017 – see

And while we’re sure some people may have found that amusing, the potential response in 2018 may be significantly less so.