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By Paul Jones

SRA Financial Services Survey 2017

Solicitors may recall the SRA saying earlier this year that they would be delaying the Equality & Diversity Survey until later in 2017. This was due to the Authority needing to collect data from firms on Financial Services Activities. Normally they would do this at Practicing Renewal time, however the Financial Conduct Authority have asked the SRA to collect “more detailed and robust” information on firm’s financial services activities.

By Jerry Walters

The changing face of AML in the UK

The changing face of AML in the UK

There are significant changes on the horizon in the world of Anti-Money Laundering as the UK Government announced last week two major developments in the fight to combat the threat of money laundering to the UK economy.  Firstly, there was the announcement of the establishing of a new AML watchdog ‘The Office for Professional Body Anti Money Laundering Supervision’ (OPBAS). The new watchdog is part of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and will operate within its existing governance arrangements.

By Wayne Williams

Family and Civil Legal Aid Tenders announced for 2017

Family and Civil Legal Aid Tenders announced for 2017 !

The LAA is on the brink of finalising the implementation of the 2017 Crime Contract.

It has therefore turned its attention to the Civil Legal Aid Contracts in the following categories:

1.    Family

2.    Family Mediation

3.    Housing, Debt and Welfare Benefits

4.    Immigration & Asylum

5.    Actions against the Police etc. (to be known now as “Claims against Public Authorities”

6.    Community Care

7.    Mental Health

8.    Public Law

By Jerry Walters

Unexplained Wealth Orders - false dawn or new beginning

Unexplained Wealth Orders - false dawn or new beginning?

As the Government’s ‘Financial Crimes Bill’ cuts a swathe through the red tape and makes its way into the minds of all financial crime practitioners, is it time to ask whether one of the Act’s main components will be a solution or a hindrance in the fight against those who seek to profit from their illicit activities.